Sunday, April 5, 2009

N. Ramachandran - Videos

On the origins of the institution, set up in an abandoned quarry site

Women have been successful as engineers

Why we had to switch to coeducational system

Mentoring as a method to promote research within the university, primarily in environment, renewable energy, waste management

After the success of Clean Thanjavur project we are training municipalities and town panchayat officials, and now Chirala in Andhra Pradesh

International conference on energy from waste, and interest shown by foreign universities

Students from across the world can come and work with PMU, and we follow the European credit transfer system

Centre for Rural Development and Periyar PURA aims at converting unemployed youth into national assets, with industry support

Reservation in the minds of industry and academia come in the way of fruitful collaboration between the two

Benefits that can be reaped if Indian industry sets up research labs within universities

Integration of Departments within the university fosters networking of brains and a consortium approach to problems

How consortium approach of multiple Departments of University achieved results in the Clean Thanjavur project

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises can leverage the University research resources - examples

MBA students can chip in with marketing and finance inputs for research projects - solar lantern example

Community development work of students in villages

Networking of educational institutions essential to scale up rural development work

Students can be the change agents, by carrying the awareness back to families

If teachers are respected, India can grow faster, but that also depends on teachers' behaviour

Does teaching attract the right talent

Should there be appropriate fiscal policies and tax sops to encourage university research

Importance of documenting best practices, successful extension work, as knowledge management

Proper documentation missing for many of our heritage monuments - what my research thesis on Thanjavur Fort found

We keep documents only for property, not about the history of our own forefathers

During slowdown, engineers should concentrate on developing the sub-systems in the country towards sustainable growth

Employees should join hands with employers in facing the challenges of economic slowdown

Rather than following the herd mentality, every individual has to adopt humanitarian approach

Ragging is a barbarian and inhuman practice in campuses

Do women engineers get their due respect in the society and at work

When women are treated as commodities in advertising, movies and media, what happens is enslavement

Centre for Periyar Thought launching a multilingual search engine

BE-Civil Engineering Part-time in Tamil medium - a successful initiative of using vernacular in professional education

English should not be a stumbling block for students to move towards higher education

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