Sunday, April 19, 2009

N. Ram Subramani - YouTube links

Indian IT companies competing with foreign MNCs in IMS -- infrastructure management services

Outsourcing of IMS has picked up, in L1 and L2 out of the four levels

Training in infrastructure management through a variety of programmes

BOT model for IMS, at all four levels -- a recent project for an international company

IMS is an annuity model, unlike application-oriented work which is project-based

Industry collaborative course in University of Madras, as a joint-certification initiative

Syllabus in universities to be revamped, considering industry needs

Qualification required to be a successful IMS professional

IMS job is 24X7, it is high-risk, but there are multiple levels to resolve issues

Remembering my teacher

Work is worship

How to identify the hunger to learn

Begin with the end in the mind -- a thought from a book

Views about the young generation

Deciding to return from the US to India and the employment generation work ever since

Green energy focus in IT

Story behind the word 'Maples' in the company name

Are Indian enterprises adopting IMS

Flip side of setting up in-house EDP centres

Moving towards RIM - remote infrastructure management

Cross-domain skill training for IT companies

Positioned well for mid-size companies

Our IT companies can adopt a consortium approach, rather than competing with one another and bringing price down

Service quality is impacted when price is brought down, and bottom-push happens adversely affecting deliverables

How can rural students build a career (in Tamil)

State-of-the-art facilities for training (Presentation)

Overseas branches

Work in Japan, Europe, in addition to US


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APAM NAPAT said...

I worked for Ram at a much junior level when he was Head of Systems Technology Group in DSQ Software Ltd. He probably had the vision of Infrastructure Management Services even then (12 years ago). He is a pioneer of sorts in India. I hope he gets the funding and neccessary help to convert Maples into a successful company in the RIM/IMS market. Another person from Madras, KB Chandra made it big in this sector before the dot com burst. At that time, Indian infrastructure was not reliable and it was premature for outsourcing such critical services. With reliable power, well thought out data centres, good backbone network and last mile access for System Engineers to perform their tasks from home, India is at the prime to exploit IMS at a time when multinational companies are trying to optimize/reduce operational cost and improve efficiencies.

It would be interesting to watch how Ram capitalizes it from hereon. I wish him all the best and hope to see him compared to NRN, one day. And that day may not be far away.
Rajesh Raghupati.