Monday, January 5, 2009

Mani Bhaumik - Videos

My passion is to bring knowledge to people

This year is the International Year of Astronomy

Launch event for the book, and a DVD with 26 episodes of animation series about cosmos

We are all made of stardust

There is proof that we all come from a single source

Where does quantum theory come

It is not blind faith that we are all brothers and sisters

What is it that divides us if we are all coming from the same source

Reminiscing the Bengal Famine, my meeting Gandhiji and his message to me - ' Be the change that you want to see in the world'

Our brain has been designed to experience the oneness

It is as if the universe hit the cosmic jackpot

We have the technology and enough money in the world to get rid of poverty once and for all

Where do we come from -- a story

Just doesn't happen that once you are wealthy you live happily ever after

A conversation in Bengali -- with Goutam Ghosh

A conversation in Bengali -- with Goutam Ghosh - contd

On free market, globalisation, and development

India can teach the global village how to be happy

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