Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kunal Banerjee - Videos

ICWAI now working on a longer perspective

Operational reforms in the Institute

New guidance pronouncements from the ICWAI

Is there any study by the ICWAI on the right pricing and costing of automobile

CMAs playing their role during the current financial crisis and business slowdown

New structure of maintaining and reporting of cost accounting records as recommended by the Expert Committee

Top issues of the ICWAI hanging fire with the Government

Expert Group adopted a different approach

Confidentiality concern of the industry taken care of in the new proposal

Standard Treatment Guideline work for the Ministry of Health, from the ICWAI

Is there a great potential for cost management in the Indian Railways

What was the ICWAI's stand at the NACAS meeting on AS-11

Cost audit is a tool of enterprise governance

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