Saturday, April 25, 2009

K. Guruswamy - YouTube links

1)      How we set about making a global product for healthcare, from India

2)      Working on further healthcare applications for cancer, neuro treatment using robotic tool positioner

3)      Cancer incidences in men and women -- increasingly found in emerging economies

4)      Giving the ability to clinician to reach a lesion at an early stage or in a complicated place

5)      While smaller hospitals can think of taking up complicated procedures, the bigger hospitals can reduce the pressure on scarce talent

6)      Gaps in healthcare that we studied before working on this product

7)      Potential to use the robotic tool positioner for ablation, in cancer treatment

8)      Awareness and technology are key in cancer treatment -- example of how mammography evolved

9)      Presentations in the US and the valuable feedback on finish that we received

10)  Philosophies behind the name, Perfint -- Performance and Integrity

11)  Do we have the ecosystem for promoting innovation and product development

12)  Three big hurdles before healthcare technology reaching rural areas -- lack of expertise, connectivity, affordability

13)  We are in the space of minimally-invasive image-guided procedures

14)  Need for standardisation and mandated regulation in healthcare products

15)  Role of insurance in the absorption of technology by healthcare industry

16)  Areas where our product can have a major impact -- yield rate, reduction in check scans, time taken for the overall procedure

17)  Papers published and presented at conference such as European Congress of Radiology

18)  We started in the Technology Business Incubator in Kongu Engineering College, Erode, moved to Mysore, before settling down in Chennai

19)  Our logo is a representation of neurons, which are symbolic of high-degree performance and integrity

20)  On funding of the company

21)  What has been our experience with banks

22)  Concept, design, and development of the product is totally Indian, with about 30 per cent of imported components

23)  How our product PIGA CT works

24)  Product demo (presentation)

25)  Strategy decision is to play in niche areas and create IP

26)  Discussions are on for working closely with OEMs

27)  As an innovative products company, we have made our roadmap

28)  Application of science into product development or engineering, not a strength in India

29)  What are the questions that students ask Perfint promoters

30)  Key challenge is to have high quality people

31)  What type of employee do we look for


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