Thursday, April 16, 2009

K. Gopi - Videos

Product launch based on extensive consumer research - rechargeable study light for children

Actual light consumption is only 2 watts, giving 200 lux, through 24 LEDs

Indigenous content in the product

Worked with Sankara Nethralaya to create the study lamp

Currently we are engaged in concept marketing

Plans for advertising after the all-India launch

First year target is 250000 lamps, and in the second year, 1 million

We should be able to address the needs of people looking at sub-Rs 1000 price point

Product variations being considered, in the same form factor

Solar panel of 5 watt capacity as add-on at Rs 2790

We have designed the lamp for children

Design patent applied for, thus protecting the IP, and exports have begun

Our focus is on green products, and renewables

Alternative uses vs main purpose of lighting

Green blogs have noticed the new study lamp

Remembering my teacher

What has made LED popular

No UV rays, no flicker, no heat when using LED for lighting

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