Wednesday, March 25, 2009

K. B. Srinivasan - Videos

Six key trends in the automotive industry, of which electric vehicles are the most successful

Capacity build-up happening in the alternative energy space, realising that the future is not gasoline-based

What can be the point of inflection for electric vehicles

We need a light battery that is safe, can store a lot of energy very quickly, and doesn't drain off

Top 20 cities in China have banned the use of IC-engine two-wheelers, which explains why China is successful in electric two-wheelers

Lot of research work on electric vehicles in Europe, US, Taiwan, China

Nano will change the way even two-wheeler manufacturers will think in future

Slowdown is a great opportunity to do a gradual ramp-up of our products

Remembering my teacher…

Shared vision keeps a team going

Leading others starts with leading oneself - a thought from a book

Reaching out can establish the contours of conflict, rather than continue with assumptions and imaginations

We would like to design a referral programme once we reach a critical mass of customers

Test rides, in colleges, are an effective way to promote our electric scooters

Two-wheeler loans at the right terms and also subsidy can help in increasing sales

Local content of e-scooters will go from the present 15 per cent to 25 per cent, in the next 3 months

A comparison between a manufacturing and a service company

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