Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jayakumar Christian - Videos

We are going on a campaign mode on the programming front in the work against malnutrition

Operations in 6000 communities, 150 districts, serving over one million children in the country

Life is at stake when our staff live with the poor because of backlash from affected vested interests

In Andhra Pradesh alone about 600 of women from our communities have been elected into the Panchayats

Governance issue has to be addressed with a show-and-tell approach, which is inclusive rather than confrontational, when it comes to poverty alleviation

Community-based Performance Management, Social Audit by children, Bala Adhikar Sabhas to develop Children's Manifesto, and knowledge of Right To Information - some of the tools we use

How do Government authorities explain away poverty

At the local level, we engage community leaders such as school authorities, Collector, MLA, while also addressing the national leaders

Our work increases when economic crisis cuts our resources, so we come up with creative solutions to get at least Rs 7 worth of results for every rupee spent and achieve 86 per cent yield

World Vision work across the world, sharing best community practices, bound together by core commitments but with local expressions

Documentation is a discipline in pilots, with a social laboratory approach, and learnings are monitored and shared

Student engagement in World Vision, and our work with Loyola College, studying street children

Working with KPMG on knowledge management, Eureka-Forbes on community water filters, leveraging their direct marketing for advocacy, and influencing the product

Wish 'Slumdog Millionaire' had picked up some positives within poverty situation, and also I wish the nation woke up to its social responsibilities, going beyond the Oscar celebration

Faced with the huge numbers of poor, we have perhaps developed a numbness to poverty

How the middle class generally rationalises the poverty around, and the 250 million seem to live as though the 800 million don't exist

Can we get our Parliamentarians to discuss social issues

Social issues should be tracked by media, and FCRA bashing can err by broad-brushing

NGO must subject itself to transparency, accountability standards, and also comply with regulations because public money is involved

Process starts with the formation of community-based organisations, and they are the ones who design the programmes

Our yield-to-programmes, at 86 per cent, is one of the highest, and technology helps us to stay in touch

Operations people are good at doing, rather than documentation, so we may have to come up with audio-video version of documentation

Remembering my teacher

Social Work may not be a popular choice, but it has to be a deliberate one, based on one's character

Competence only delivers, whereas passion transforms

Many of our social work schools supply only administrators for institutions, while what we really need are people who can begin by relocating their competence to where it hurts most

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