Friday, March 6, 2009

Ganesh Kumar M - Videos

How much we can sustain is critical in the current situation

Working on products for niche segments, such as the stone industry

Story of how we developed and integrated IT applications for the stone industry

End-user adaptability is the major challenge for IT implementation

Entering into newer domains in the ecosystem of stone and monument industry

Kubix Growth Pyramid, with four levels of IT maturity

Global potential for the 'centre of excellence' approach that we adopt

Market for monuments, in India and abroad

Innovative people can get into application thought prototyping and help ideas become reality

Views on engineers passing out of colleges these days

Why is product space not getting its due attention from IT companies

Project work for final-year engineering students

India as a market for IT products

Books can help managers build their attitude and character, and also offer useful takeaways for work

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