Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Devdutt Pattanaik - Videos

My next book will have more than 200 of my illustrations

Union of man and woman -- An illustration

We have conflicts because we are not at peace with ourselves

When a story becomes sacred, and constructs our identity, it becomes mythology

Mythology is a language, a story, and also symbols and rituals, constructing a subjective truth

By its very nature, mythology is amorphous, organic, and rapidly transforming, and it cannot have standardisation

My website and its organisation --

Comments and their pattern

Rules that govern my illustrations -- example of Hayagreeva

The story of snake sacrifice and its lesson on the futility of vengeance

Epics are extremely sophisticated, and they tell us repeatedly to take decisions contextually and be responsible for the decisions

The making of Devdutt…

Approaching mythology with a science background helps

There are so many undocumented stories

Author reading his book (a snatch)

Human beings may have evolved technologically, but at an emotional level we are just the same

Are we becoming better or worse, over the years

Difference between the Western and Indian view of life

External war is a manifestation of inner rage

Being insecure, we look for protection in property, which then leads to conflicts

Inner landscape teaches you to give love -- something you can give even if you don't have anything

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