Tuesday, March 31, 2009

D. V. Narasingarao - Videos

Entrepreneur's passion needs to be balanced by a contrarian who is a realist

My journey - 1 - Graduating from REC, Trichy, and deciding to stay in India, took a job in Wipro

My journey - 2 - The RDBMS story, where we wanted to do development but began with training

My journey - 3 - SSI expansion, going public, largest acquisition, listing on the London Stock Exchange, Nasdaq tie-up

My journey - 4 - Then came the downturn in 2001 which hit development and training, lessons learnt, and I decided to take a break and go back to school

My journey - 5 - Why I chose to study in Great Lakes, Chennai

Did I advise the younger generation in the campus, forget it

Engineering curriculum should have at least two semesters on core accounting, and HR

B-school admission should be after at least 5 years of work experience

My journey - 6 - What next after one year in the campus, start a company or join a start-up or retire

What is e4e - Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs, then Enterprises

Investors, acquisitions, business services verticals, rightshoring model

Why do conflicts arise and how to resolve email wars

Conflicts are typically at peer level, and what is missing in companies today is candour

What is integrity - it is just doing what I say I will, and that has to happen again and again and again

Integrity and the ability to say no are meshed with each other

Difference between the previous slowdowns and the present one

Fall in attrition rates is accompanied by fall in the intake of fresh talent

How can freshers who are on bench utilise the opportunity to learn within organisation

Today there is a greater acceptance of entrepreneurship, unlike the cynicism earlier

The promise of the domestic market for IT industry

Retrofitting a Western business model may not work in India, you need to understand the ground dynamics of the Indian consumer

Gaming is the silent revolution that is happening

Functionality testing, a major area of growth in gaming industry which can tap part-time employees

Today's business model thinks that there is better control over employees working full-time

Can work-places in smaller companies attract people who would be willing to pay to work, for the experience to know what they are good at

How SSI acted as a bridge between fresh engineers and industry

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