Thursday, February 26, 2009

D. Raghuram - Videos

People are becoming more health and environment conscious, but that doesn't often translate into healthy habits like cycling

Many a time we choose to get stuck in a traffic jam, even where a brisk walk or cycling would have conserved time and resources

Bicycle exercises the largest muscle in the body (lower thigh), and thus burns calories, improves circulation and also de-stresses

Owning up the responsibility to be healthy is better than outsourcing our healthcare, as if our ill-health is somebody else's problem

Increasing urbanisation is not contributing to cycle industry's growth, but two-wheeler is more popular because of easy financing and perceived convenience

First taste of freedom for most children is the cycle, but the challenge is to sustain interest in cycling, which is competing with other distractions like computer games

Dynamo sales have declined, though we find innovative uses of cycle dynamos

Cyclist is unfortunately seen as nuisance and with disdain, and is not recognised as deserving space on roads

Enough technology has come into today's cycle to make it safer, faster and more comfortable

Weight of cycle has reduced from 22 kg about 50 years ago, to 6 kg now, with the use of alternative materials

Security of cycles with fork lock, and 'quick-release' to make them theft-proof

Nearly 90 per cent of 12 million cycles sold are bought by males, and a hurdle to popularise cycles for girls is in teaching them cycling

In moderation, cycling offers benefits, with no side-effects, and it can be safer than walking

Options for using cycle indoors, with results better than treadmill

Gadgets are available to give feedback to cyclist about fitness parameters

If Nike shoes can talk to Apple iPods, can cycles talk to telecom towers

Group cycling activities by IT staff

Are cycle companies eligible for carbon credit

Can cycle-banks help people convert manual energy to monetisable power

Will locality-based events encourage cycling in the neighbourhood

Maintenance a big gap, so much so that many cycles are kept abandoned even for want of air in tires

Trade-in of old cycles at dealer points for new cycles

How about assessing the fitness level of a school by looking at the proportion of cycle usage by students

Technology advancements in cycle tube and tire

Does technology growth in cycle industry lead to lower price

Training of cycle mechanics to ensure uniformity in the final product, and also retail initiative to improve perceived quality

Fascinating experiment to foster entrepreneurship among rural women, along with Hand in Hand

We are in the process of putting up a racecourse for cyclists

Wish new models of cycles get media coverage, as much as automobiles get

For rural consumers, cycle is a high-involvement purchase because of its role in economic activity

Facilitating cycle use in cities, as in Paris, London

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