Monday, March 30, 2009

Bala Chakravarthy - Videos

Companies with a long-term vision know exactly what capabilities they are missing

Smart companies know how to position themselves

Build and leverage is the story for economies as well, but they can be busy with knee-jerk reactions

Restructuring in Europe is difficult, and the UK may need the next wave of Thatcherism

On comparisons with the Great Depression and post-war days, and the boiling-frog syndrome

Economists seem to be lost after having hit every button

Paradox is that India is difficult to enter, but once you enter you can find a lot of breathing room

There is limitless, unending corruption in Indian politics

We got rid of monarchs, but we have the newly-minted kings in the form of political leaders

Capabilities are not being brought in to address problems, both in the political and industrial spheres

Three-way collaboration between academia, bureaucrats and politicians, and industrialists

What are the ingredients of a top business school

If the research tradition is strong in Indian business schools, media will benefit from academia's opinion

On the quality of research in management

Academia's involvement with corporates can be in many forms, including directorships

Remembering my teacher…

One most valuable work lesson is that you need to be loyal to your organisation

Loyalty is about aligning with a cause, it is not about the length of employment

A story about customer focus - in a Brazilian airline

What's good about the young, and what's worrying

Self-renewal is the indicator of performance, at the individual and organisational levels, as an indicator of adaptability

Essence of Indian philosophy is to continuously seek wisdom

You can be spiritual without being religious, and that applies to organisations too

My next book will be on leadership dilemmas

Author reading the book - a snatch

Does 'Slumdog Millionaire' have lessons for Indian enterprises

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