Sunday, March 29, 2009

B. Ravi - Videos

Will the Companies Bill ever see the light of the day

The present indefiniteness in corporate law creates confusion all round

What should CA final students focus on, in the forthcoming exam on company law

We should have a re-look at the total number of laws included in the CA syllabus

Satyam episode has created fear in the minds of CA students

In situations such as Satyam, the action of regulators should be quick and transparent, with a definite result

Corporate governance is practised as a matter of compliance, so independent directors are often indifferent

Both the capital markets regulator and corporate law administrator should see eye to eye and act in harmony

What happens when the two regulators work in different directions

Investor awareness is needed, rather than investor protection

Section 5 of the Companies Act on 'officer in default' should be broadened to include CA and company secretary in charge of compliance

Disclosures of companies should be more meaningful for the end user

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