Thursday, April 2, 2009

Avis-Imagequity - Videos

Have integrity of purpose, all else will follow

Acknowledging one's mistake is 90 per cent of job done, rest is not to go down that path again

Two Es and two Ps -- to manage habit formation

Most people suffer from an underestimation of their capacity

Low self-esteem comes from labels cast on us, and they get peeled off when eureka moments happen

You are the ace in the pack and you are not even playing it

A common malaise is to sympathetic to the environment even at acute discomfort to oneself

A lesson from Sterling Sivasankaran - 'Expectations bring agony'

Do only things that give you joy, as long as you don't cause pain to others

Row, row, row your boat, merrily down the stream…

We need to prepare a 'stop doing' list before preparing a 'to do' list

Grace of God is always blowing, so have your sails hoisted to catch the wind

Analogy of turbulence during flight

Some people's journeys are more potholed than others'

We keep getting the wake-up calls all the time, when these are ignored the end result becomes traumatic

The protective parental pressure on children can keep them from discovering their potential

Should children experience hardship or be raised in comfort

Trapped inside every complicated individual is a simple spirit that is waiting to break free

Spirituality is the flowering of internal awareness, religion is just the covering

The biggest investment portfolio is You

What happens when the wheel of gratitude starts spinning within you

All of us fight a Kurukshetra battle within us on a daily basis

Others may not hear your inner voice but they can create the acoustics for you to hear those voices clearly

Reading 'Reputation' - a snatch

Working with Reputation Institute on their research

What are the stumbling blocks to building reputation

Reputation is always associated with who you are, while image is what people think you are

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