Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ananth Narasimhan - Videos

Anticipating change and working on it are key for survival

Distributors have to realise that there are more cost-effective ways to reach the customer

Value of distribution in India, which has poor Internet penetration

Two roles that travel agents play

Travel agents can use our portal for group bookings

Technology to connect service providers, and the concierge model

Ghumo.com and how we took it forward

Customers may suffer if airlines stop paying commission to travel agents

Remembering my teacher

Impact of economic crisis on travel industry

Why tourism promotion requires a unified approach

Travellers are excited about having India on their itinerary but what worries them is the infrastructure

Two products -- for individuals and corporates

How Atyourprice is different from travel portals

Other verticals, with unsold perishable inventory, where our technology can be applied

Opening up unsold inventory to monetise empty seats on flights

Serious, planned traveller vs undecided, flexible traveller

Airline industry very much tied to economic cycles

How local industry made a deal with Air Deccan - an example from Gujarat

When airports are under the control of local authority, policies may lead to win-win for both the airlines and the local community

Local communities should be able to negotiate with airlines

Mobile commerce can pick up only when financial support system is in place

Travel booking is different from other purchases

Customers are delighted when getting tickets at low prices

Plans for the B2B and B2C products

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