Monday, November 10, 2008

Abhishek Somany - Videos

When did the tiles industry start feeling the slowdown

A brief history of the company

To expedite the replacement market for tiles, we are bringing tile-laying technology and beginning to train masons

With trained masons you can save on costs and time, while achieving a better finish

Most common issues that people have with tiles are size variation, shade variation, bulging, fine cracks

Success story in Turkey where a large number of masons have been trained

A new tile that we launched, with patented technology

Residential, commercial, outdoor tiles

Export market for tiles

Entry barriers for the tile industry are low

To ride the storm, we are putting a check on leveraging, and delaying our new project

SKUs have risen exponentially in recent years

What makes family businesses succeed

Exotic derivatives - an anecdote

Grandfather advice - sell the material, realise the money

Exceptional reporting system in my company

Adventure sport, racing - a passion

A story of innovation idea from a shop-floor labourer

Technology improvements in tile manufacturing, and energy efficiency initiatives

Having employees aligned to company vision is a challenge, going ahead

Global players in the tile industry, and the growth opportunity for India

Sanitation is a major issue in rural areas…

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