Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Abhay Gupta - Videos

The aim is to bring innovation to impact common people's lives

Device to work with electricity meter - an idea that won the innovation competition

How does Logica work with innovators

Collaborative environment within the company to generate and discuss ideas that can help our clients' clients

Innovation labs across the world, with the global innovation head in India

Is Nano an example of innovation

Are people within organisations willing to share ideas

Innovation occurs during both growth and recession

Loyalty and relationship that companies build during the downturn can pay dividends when the economy recovers

Scope for productivity in public services

On RTGS and the current challenges

Will it help if consumers can forecast their electricity requirements

Measuring carbon footprint in office and reducing it

Can there be a labelling of carbon footprint of food products

An alternative model of auto insurance to cover risk as needed

Collapsible containers as a concept

Differential fuel pricing depending on emission levels of vehicles

Exciting projects that are on…

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