Wednesday, March 18, 2009

T. Shivaraman - Videos

We are looking at renewables as the future for EPC

In India, power and infrastructure will continue to grow

An 'internal competition' model that has succeeded in the Financial Services business

Project management skills can be seamlessly shifted, to work with different inputs

How we started with Biomass plant construction

Civil engineering companies are going to be badly hit, especially commercial residential

Brown and green in the company logo

Geographies where we are operating, and the potential of US in wind energy

Are the valuations attractive for acquisitions

Corporate culture generally believes in organic growth

Remembering my teacher in IIT

Advantage of being a chemical engineer

It is team work that delivers results

Team checks the answers with the leader, but the leader has to take responsibility for failure

How can languishing projects be revived or turned around

American vs Indian financial institutions when funding projects

Does hardcore engineering attract talented engineers

Basic principles of project management and engineering have not changed, so age is an advantage

Job prospects for Diploma Engineers coming through Polytechnic education in the industry (Tamil)

On carbon credit

Common objections and myths that come in the way of wind power industry

Inputs for biomass plant

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