Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunny Pokala - Videos

What is business intelligence

Three previous occasions that hit businesses, over the last about a decade

We have been creating multiple touch-points in the existing client-base

Only 2 per cent of data is used by employees for decisions

BI application - a retailing example


Evolution of the product

Indian customers

WebFOCUS Centre of Excellence to be set up in Chennai

Finding self-motivated people is the biggest challenge

A good leader should have been a good follower

A story that comes to mind - the perseverance of spider

My typical day

What I read

Value-added work for clients

Today, India is the future for the spiritual dimension it offers

How India is understood by the Americans

We have to respect client's time

Implications of not delivering on time

Indian mentality is still bureaucratic

Concept of dignity of labour can be propagated through example

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