Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Srikanth Iyer - Videos

On the tie-up with Macmillan for better school reach

Education has been a recession-free industry in India

Tutorvista and Manipal deals are significant for Edurite

Can technology bridge the gap between good colleges and the rest

Spoken English programmes and subject coaching

Mobile solution for delivering question papers and results

Technology will influence assessment and evaluation methods, after impacting learning

Two examples of how technology can level the playing field

Diversity in syllabi is the major challenge in Indian education

On technology in education (in Kannada)

How to arrest the downslide of Tamil Nadu students (in Tamil)

Technology will always play a supplementary role, it will not replace human element

Technology can influence children to return to school

It costs Rs 100 per student a month for private school to get technology intervention

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