Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sridharan Mani - Videos

Growth prospects for India and China

Remembering my teacher

On the work with Intel, both in the desktop and mobile market

Mobile and auto applications and drivers from the embedded division

What has been changing in AMI's bios - the move towards EFI

Customers want faster boot-up time

A common metric is price-to-performance

Greater focus on the security layer of BIOS

Future of computing as I see it

IBM's top predictions

Power situation is a major challenge

Filters that take care of the surge in electricity

Green initiatives at AMI

Vivek explains how the BIOS works

Diagrammatic explanation of BIOS operation

Investment in storage solutions, vehicle tracking, automobile technologies

Piracy and counterfeiting problems

Coming soon - vehicle tracking systems

RFID on school ID cards to help parents track their children

Will the Satyam scam affect brand India

Does India give as much attention to IT products as for services

Do the passing out grads fit into IT product companies

How flexible is our education system

A presentation to the Defence Dept - on embedded technologies

Applying technology to map the subjects of interests for children

Top three challenges - improving market range, innovation, aligning to future market requirements

Work at the Tamil Sangam in Atlanta

Let me remember a poem (Tamil)

Tamil poetry - a sample

Working with programming languages vs putting components together

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