Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sam Easaw - Videos

About the company, growth and acquisitions in India

Five service lines, globally

Aiming to establish the brand in India

Project management can be integrated in education

40 per cent of a basketball team's spirit can make an organisation super

Role of team sports in organisations

Focus, the first element in the formula

Current economic crisis and its impact on India

Awareness is key in pest control

Working with Government to tackle mosquitoes, rodents etc.

Can pest control be effective in parks and public places

Toxicity levels in herbal products can be a matter of concern

How do we evaluate companies for acquisition

The bedbugs worry

Work for Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, China

Pest control can cost Rs 4000 per household per annum

Managing rodent problem in markets

Pests can be a worrying thing for tourists

What care can business traveller take against pests

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