Tuesday, March 31, 2009

S. Ramesh - Videos

Auditors of Satyam have been betrayed by the management

What is the law under which the auditors have been taken into custody

Is the auditor eligible for bail

Officials from the ICAI will be meeting the auditors soon

Entire audit team of about 25 people, including articled clerks, asked not to leave the city

All auditors are scared today, the profession is demoralised

Fraud committed by top management is difficult to unearth

The CA Institute should have taken up this issue, in the larger interest of the profession

What the Supreme Court has said about bail

Onus of proof is on the prosecution

What does the Auditing and Assurance Standard 4 say about the responsibility to detect fraud

Any precedent involving auditors in a criminal offence relating to companies

Bombay High Court verdict on auditor's responsibility

Auditor does not conduct the audit with the object of discovering all frauds

ICAI should educate the public on auditors' responsibilities and role

Has the attraction of the profession diminished in the eyes of students

On the mark-to-market debate and what the ICAI's stand should be

Are the existing standards on accounting and auditing enough

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