Thursday, March 26, 2009

S. Gurumurthy - Videos

For 1600 years India was leading the world as an economic power

A comparison of two economies, the US and Japan

How the US promoted feverish spending by consumers financed by cheap credit

In India and Germany, families are not exposed to stock market, unlike as in the US

It is only countries with a safe savings model that can tide over the current economic crisis

Japan's move away from the Western orbit, and coming closer to India

Any country following the Euro-centric model of development will become the victim of Asian economic development

Only original minds can innovate, not carbon copies

Will the Government's policies to arrest economic slowdown yield results

US will need a huge moral resurgence, where the new political leadership may not help much

A failed society will always accept a successful society's model

The financial media has to develop an independent mind

We don't know how much LIC, GIC, and company promoters have lost due to stock market crash

What we now see is not 'correction' but 'destruction'

Indian finance sector except the stock market is largely unaffected by the global meltdown

Maldistribution of resources will be reduced

Audit profession has ceased to be centred on ethics, and it is driven by turnover

You can't have strong institutions unless you have strong opinion-making

Families are by and large holding on, else our economy would have collapsed

Crime should be controlled by society, and punished by law

Contentment and humility - the two principles underlying our society

Education system is divorced from the social and normative standards of our country

What is keeping us from being independent

Has the real Gurumurthy been decoded and understood

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