Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rita Chakravarti - Videos

Analytics is key to effective risk management

Remembering my teacher

Disciplined documentation saves time

One week in a year for housekeeping of documentation

Quest for learning is the fundamental difference between us and the West

Youngsters need to show they care for the society

A thought from Alan Greenspan's book I'm currently reading

In these tough times, don't indulge, lie low and wait for things to change

There are two types of leaders

Eight hours is good enough time to finish your work

What accounts for the recent popularity of Analytics

When you leverage Analytics you will be able to give the feeling to your customer, 'I understand you'

Analytics doesn't fly unless the senior management is convinced

Probably people are afraid of mathematics because they are afraid of failing

Focus on the solution, not the technique, when applying statistics

Public sector indirectly uses Analytics

How to overcome resistance to Analytics that it is an intrusion to privacy

What should you study for a career in Analytics

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