Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rathish Babu - Videos

Our work in the area of education for technology in entertainment and media industry

Challenges in associating with universities

Specialisations that work in the background of films are getting recognition and awards

Banks and other institutions are not willing to fund talent and creativity

Very few avenues for people who can create original music

Godfather-driven way of running music industry as a business of film is getting replaced by technology

Slowdown will bring in new companies to the industry

On the future of the industry

There is space for one company at the top…

Will mobile communication foster creativity

What we plan to do for upcoming creative professionals and bands

Scope for raw and rustic talent in the industry

An example of how passion can see a person through

The 80-20 rule applies to this industry too

TV programmes can at times traumatise the message

We need a Culture Department that does not work like a Police Department

Processes are driving communication from corporates

On the use of multimedia in knowledge management

Professional managers will be much sought after in the entertainment industry

On talent search

Remix caters to a whole new generation

Gaming is the best form of entertainment

Will India go up the animation value chain

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