Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rahul N. Saxena - Videos

India is best positioned to weather the global economic crisis

We are quick to learn, and now we should be quick to implement, too

We are a black-and-white society, lacking in subtleties

By the nature of capitalism, it has to bottom out

Mobile phone texting can be a powerful social instrument

Our communication has moved from speech to speechless, through email and texting

On the feasibility of multi-lingual calls, so that you can talk in Hindi and I can hear in Tamil

Distance learning through mobile telephony, and soccer goal video clips from TV to mobile phones

Verizon's work and the India operations

We are not in the retail space

CDMA and GSM will converge in the fourth generation

On Vodafone's India entry and the overnight switch

Role of the backbone structure for businesses

Cables are designed to last for a long time

A thought in Italian

Importance of telecommunication (in Hindi)

Citizens' feedback to the Government through mobile phones

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