Monday, February 23, 2009

R. Sarabeswar - Videos

People productivity increases during slowdown

A key lesson is to optimise value of product

A Tamil story about a cart-puller who knew more about the place than the residents

Public health infrastructure requires urgent attention, apart from other infrastructure

Impact of Maytas failure on the industry

Growth of the company and business pattern

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was pleased with the structure

Food court in Infosys campus

Another dome structure

This project needed 5000 equations

Work on airports

What is changing in the construction sector

Most equipments are indigenously manufactured

How are the living conditions of construction labourers

Can there be self-sustaining cities

Exploring alternative materials and sources

MoU with Sastra College for practical exposure to students

Do civil engineers get more respect from the society these days

On the lack of design concept in Indian construction

Working on reducing cost of construction

Construction opportunity in the US

On the naming of the company

Funding constraints are leading to abandoning of construction projects

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Anonymous said...

everything is fine.the recession demands sacrifices on the part of the curent generation-giving way for younger generation, remuneration sacrifices on the part of the top, multi tasking business models, investors who lost the sharevalue need to be compensated and so on...
there is no will on the part of the leadership to demonstrate are indian corporates coming forward on this subject of scarifce for stakeholders...r.durgadoss