Saturday, March 21, 2009

A. Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar Athikesavan, Head-Business Development, Sowbaghya
March 21, 2009, 1 pm

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Murali said...

Company Profile:

Cup O’ Cofe is an upcoming brand from the house of SOWBAGHYA, is in order to provide smart solution in the modern world, by delivering Coffee and Coffee related products to the busy passer-by ensuring the quality as the main aspect. The Caption ‘Coffee For Life…’ itself tells about the product (No Wonder Coffee Lovers…). We have found the necessity of the people and their demands for a good coffee on the go. In future, Cup O’ Cofe will be opening up a number of outlets in Chennai and other boundaries of India. In our effort to constantly better ourselves and also to give to the common man, we have come up with the novel idea of constructing kiosks that can be placed at strategic locations and will be equipped to provide a range of Coffee related items throughout the day.


The basic idea of Cup O’ Cofe is to provide the common man a range of beverages on the go with a rate which are very affordable. The kiosk will be placed on supermarkets, petrol stations, hyper malls and shopping complex. The concept behind making the cappuccino is a traditional way of highly equipped Espresso machines which are being imported from Italy. The client will have a wide range of menu to choose from. The coffee and coffee related items are freshly prepared from grinding the coffee beans which are specially made from mixing in a ratio with Peabeary, Robusta, Plantation A and Arabica. They are specially made in our roasting plant. The coffee beans are sent to our kiosk on a weekly basis depending upon the usage of that particular outlet. Steps are taken to retain the freshness of the coffee beans. We make sure our customers recognize the taste of ‘Cup O’ Cofe’ and come back to us.

Area Requirement:

The whole concept of ‘Cup O’ Cofe’ is ‘Work more on Less Space’. The kiosk is designed in a way to extract all the activities on a minimum space requirement. The kiosk is designed in a way by 4 x 2 feet LxW and the total area including the working area would be minimum of 20 Sq F. We have worked out this concept keeping in mind that we reduce the amount of working area. The kiosk is also designed in a way to attract the customers once they enter the store. All our kiosk have a similar operation. There will be a screen on front of the kiosk flashing the brand and the menu and any other special offers on that particular period. All the switch boards are built in the kiosk.

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A Typical ‘Cup O’ Cofe’ Kiosk Model

Human Resources:

We have staffs trained to work in our kiosk. Our staffs our trained by a professional Barista ("barista" refers to one who has acquired some level of expertise in the preparation of espresso-based coffee drinks). Once our staff undergoes the training for a period of 15 days, he becomes a Barista – expertise. We also have a periodical check-up to make sure that they are on the right track and we educate them about any add-ons in our menu. All safety measures and hygienic ways are used to control the quality of the product. They are provided with a ‘Cup O’ Cofe’ shirt and a cap and we ensure them to be on the dress code when at work.

Your browser may not support display of this image. The Espresso Machine delivering Espresso.

Proposal Guidelines:

1. Stocks will be brought in on a regular basis.
2. All equipments will be owned and operated by Cup O’ Cofe.
3. Electricity to be provided by the dealer and the dealer would borne the charges.
4. The sale agreement can either be rent or commission on sale whichever is suitable with the dealer.
5. Manpower requirement for operating the kiosk will be borne by Cup O’ Cofe.
6. Preferably point of sale will be maintained by the dealer.
7. Payments from the dealer to the Cup O’ Cofe will be made weekly.
8. Any agreement is signed it will be between the Raj Ganesh Enterprises and the concerned party.
9. Any specific product requirement on that particular kiosk can be considered for add-on for sales and development if business potential is found mutually.
10. Free sampling and Promotion will be carried on at the time of commencing of the kiosk if required.
11. Any further issues can be sorted out periodically.

Our Outlets:

1. Kilpauk
2. T-Nagar – 2 outlets.
3. Nanganalur
4. M.N.M. Jain Eng College
5. Erode