Friday, March 27, 2009

Palanivel Kuppusamy - Videos

What went into the design of the logo of Dexterity

Marketing analytics industry is seeing an equivalent of Y2K as a result of economic meltdown

Our adaptive analytics engine can do more with your existing data

What we do for big firms and the enterprise customers

Do we initiate our own research without a trigger from our customers

A Toyota example - of how analytics plays a role in spite of hunches

Churn management for a telecom company, research and analytics for a consulting firm - success stories of accelerating value

Marketing research spend benchmarked to advertising spend - how India fares

Large volume of data with Government statistics office, banks - the Brazil example

Reduce cost of data acquisition and do more with the data collected - two imperatives during the current slump

Customers are questioning the value that vendors offer, and vendors are becoming more open in communication

Norms that govern Web analytics

Market research in the public sector - immense opportunity in India

Companies realise that 20 to 30 per cent of findings are newer and obtained through research and analytics

Statistical tools attract attention when they are applied well

Market for leather belts in India - an example of a wrong way to go about research

How are we looking at possible acquisitions

On media analytics

Pay-as-you-go analytics for SMEs

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