Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Narasingarao Dataram

Narasingarao Dataram, President, e4e India
March 31, 2009, 1 pm

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Murali said...

Narasingarao has over 21 years experience in the IT/Software Industry, with more than 12 years as the Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder at SSI Ltd, a company listed on the Bombay, National and the London Stock Exchanges. He managed SSI’s business in the software technology and training arenas across diverse geographies – US, UK, Far East and India. He was deeply involved in taking SSI from a start-up to being ranked in the top 500 companies in India by Dun and Bradstreet. As a member of the initial team, he was instrumental in growing SSI to over 2500 people in the software technologies (assessed at SEI CMM Level 5 and SEI P-CMM level 3) and education divisions. He was a key member in the SSI IPO in 1994, preferential issue in 1998 and was part of a two member team on a global road show to raise $100m through a GDR with listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2000. Raised $1.7b, an over subscription of 17 times. He was an active member in M&A activities, as SSI acquired Indigo Technologies, India for $2.9m and Albion Orion Inc USA for $63.5m. He also led the teams formed to integrate these companies into SSI Ltd. He has extensive experience in pre-sales (RFI and RFP processes, presentations to prospects) and sales (pricing, salesmen commission, prospect relationship building) across US, UK, Far East and India. He was constantly involved in customer interaction across the globe. He also planned advertising campaigns and interacted with media and financial analysts. He was part of the team that setup a 55-45 JV with NASDAQ U.S, in Bermuda to power NASDAQ’s expansion into Japan and Europe.

Narasingarao started his career in Wipro and after 5 years joined a Dubai based IT firm. He was with them for 3 years before returning to India and joining SSI Ltd as the 4th co-founder.

He is an Engineering Graduate from REC Trichy, India, with a Masters from BITS, Pilani, India and an MBA from the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, India.
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