Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Krishna Kumar

Krishna Kumar, CEO, Zyoin.com
March 12, 2009, 1 pm

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Murali said...

yoin.com has made an opportune foray into the recruitment marketplace to solve the glaring inefficiencies in the operational procedures of manpower recruitment around the world.

Several independent industry estimates suggest that the existing USD 3 million worth Indian manpower recruitment industry, despite meltdowns, is growing steadily in the services sector, driving 20 percent CAGR in the recruitment industry. The business opportunity for Zyoin emerged from the fact that 72 per cent of all internet users used Job Search, the second highest used online service, only after e-mail. Increase in broadband penetration among the masses added further scope for Zyoin to think out of the box and consolidate the business of online recruitment.

Zyoin.com has designed a first-of-its-kind e-bay of recruitment system that enables a huge pool of “qualified” recruiters and referrals to seamlessly work on job recruitments of the corporate. This novel system does away with recruitment agencies and their recruitment commissions, and brings employers directly in touch with candidates through candidates/ referrals. Referrers can thereby win cash rewards for facilitating successful recruitment, thereby making referrals for Zyoin a perfect work-from-home career opportunity.

Since the recruitment market is quite fragmented, with not even a single player having more than 2 per cent market share, Zyoin takes an advantageous lead by introducing complete transparency in the online recruitment process. It disrupts the current recruitment model by reducing recruitment costs by 30 to 40 per cent, allows people (referrers) do quality work from home, and provides a recruitment tracking system for free to its customers.

The new recruitment model has attracted great interest in the recruiter and professional community since it is poised to bridge the gap in the offerings of the existing market players which have been confined to mere online database access and lead generation without scalable business. Referrals from professional/ recruiters ensures better quality fitment as the automated resume tracking and filtering system with a combination of Zyoin CSR reduces the overall HR effort and fast turnaround time.

Zyoin is the brainchild of a young IT entrepreneur Mr. Krishna Kumar (MD, CEO) and his team of directors comprising Mr. Sashwath Kumar and Mr. Anuj Agarwal. With a strong grounding in Technology and Operations, Krishna Kumar (Bachelor of Electronics from NIT Suratkal) brings to the table, a key strength in scaling up a business within a short span. Krishna was formerly, director (Operations) at Unified Technologies, where he founded and built up an INR 49-crore worth software products organization within a span of six years, with a profitable exit.

Sashwat Kumar is a BTech graduate from IIT-Kanpur. He was co-founder and Director (Sales) at Unified Technologies. Among several other accomplishments, he has developed a total Recruitment Outsourcing model to support the offline Zyoin business and create significant differentiators.

Anuj Agarwal, a BE (Electrical) graduate from NIT Suratkal, was Head, Delivery and Client Servicing at TU Consulting. Anuj has played key roles in defining and establishing strong recruitment delivery models and structuring long-term business partnerships for TU Consulting and now for the Zyoin web.

Zyoin is currently focused on high end product companies in the IT and ITES sector, and plans to eventually grow into infrastructure, retail, BFSI, and pharmaceuticals.

Zyoin: http://www.zyoin.com

Zyoin blog: http://zyoinblog.wordpress.com
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