Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kamesh Ramamoorthy - Videos

Why did we change our logo

We haven't been hearing about Ramco Systems for a long time…

Reduction of aviation maintenance cost through our software

Remembering my teacher, the company founder

Many point-solution companies have vanished over time, so it is necessary to think big

On being a software company promoted by an old economy enterprise

Strengths of IT product company as compared to services

Changes that IT services companies have to face

Challenge of attracting talent

Rather than numbers, we are looking at productivity of people

Business analyst skills that are required

We are hiring people with industry experience

What's good about the young, and what's worrying

Our UI (user interface) designs have to improve

One most valuable work lesson is that we must listen to customers

You learn from everybody

Tips for innovation from a book I recently read

We worked closely with CK Prahalad and MS Krishnan

Success story - an implementation for a bank

Project management software for DLF, flexible solution for TVS Logistics

How to handle anger - rationalise quickly

Knowledge management work in the company

KMO - knowledge management officer

All our software is mobile-enabled so the CFO can get the latest cash-flow on his handset dashboard

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