Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jayshree Suresh - Videos

Remembering my teacher in IIM-A

Perhaps the class notes perished in the air crash

When you are passionate, you don't feel you're working

Don't be dissatisfied with what is not in your control

Slowdown is the best time for entrepreneurship

Major hurdles to entrepreneurship

Frustration in being benched at the start of job

Entrepreneurs require decision-making skills, rather than of communication

Communication vs Delivering results

Simple and modest performers can at times inspire students greatly

Yoga and Pranayama as part of fitness routine

Disciplined life and freshly-cooked food take care of fitness

Plastic and water don't go together

Passing of values to the young generation

Agriculture requires great attention in India

What is innovation

Is there a future for family businesses

Chidambaram Temple -- ISB case study of families

Are women discriminated against

Impact of slowdown on education

Funding for education

Case study as a bridge between Industry and Academia

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