Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jamil Khatri and Sethuraman Sivaramakrishnan - Videos

All sectors are impacted by slowdown

Implications of resignations by independent directors

Job ahead for audit committees

Level of scepticism that auditors of US companies exercise

Enforcement of existing rules is more needed than newer rules

Can there be metrics to measure the level of corporate governance

Does the independent verification by auditor continue to be relevant

Should the language of audit opinion undergo change

Is the expectation level of audit profession too high

On the 'IFRS Institute' initiative from KPMG

IFRS Institute - a demo

IFRS work in Indian companies - current trends

Why it is necessary to look beyond the obvious

A tip for time management - put the task in the diary

Carry-forward of work

Can there be an India voice in IFRS standard-setting

Issues that companies are struggling with when moving to IFRS

When will economic recovery happen

Does the auditing profession continue to attract talent

Media should de-sensationalise accounting issues

There are stories in the financial disclosures, audit reports and notes to the accounts

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