Friday, March 20, 2009

Indian School of Business - Videos

We are now seeing the bad part of globalisation

Opportunities for business schools to establish relationship with developing economies

What has ISB done to India

Programmes for political leadership

Knowledge creation through research, a key area of focus

Public service vs profitability, a major issue for Government and PSUs

Pricing of programmes for public sector executives

Our work for public sector Navaratnas

Has ISB come out with a White Paper on the slowdown

Completely eliminating corporate fraud is impossible

Speculation vs data-based analysis in reporting the Satyam story

On Satyam story

Mood in the campus...

Academic world is data driven

On the role of independent directors, corporate governance, SEBI

Managing in times of turbulence - a programme to help businesses cope with slowdown

A few companies are aggressively hiring, even as most companies are over pessimistic

Example of entrepreneurship - Subbu

Entrepreneurship vs employment

Talent getting attracted to education, too, as a force for good

Top minuses of Indian business

ISB working on multimedia case studies

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