Friday, March 6, 2009

Ganesh Kumar Murugan

"In today's economic conditions, the most important thing is to ensure sustenance and at the same time grow, by spotting the right opportunities."
Ganesh Kumar Murugan, Vice President, Customer Services, Operations and Technology, Rising Solutions
March 6, 1 pm

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Mr. Ganesh Kumar Murugan is the Vice President of Rising Solutions. He has played a pivotal role in accelerating Rising Solutions global operational and business development initiatives since the company’s inception.

Ganesh’s leadership skills comes with an experience of over a decade in IT, Engineering and Technology which have helped him in successfully strategizing new areas of growth and revenue for the company in India and abroad.

Mr. Ganesh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Electronics and Communication) from Madurai Kamraj University. He has also completed his management post graduation in International Business and displayed his oratory skills as a key speaker in a conference at Canada on “Business Intelligence”.

Besides work, Ganesh takes keen interest to read books and listen to music which he pursues as a hobby. He is married to Ms.Swetha and has a one year old son, Harshith Ram.
Rising Solutions is a rapidly growing software solutions company with its forte in unique software solutions and development services. It specializes in customized products and solutions for domestic and international clients. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Rising has offices in Singapore and India with its R & D center in Chennai. It has started nine years ago and has successfully established it as a leader in outsourcing, making phenomenal breakthroughs in this area.

Rising Solution is committed to technical expertise, innovative solutions, premium quality services, product excellence and client commitment. With a strong financial back-up and an employee strength of over 75 at the R & D center in Chennai, Rising Solutions today provides its global clientele with quality application, boutique software solutions and services, and business process outsourcing.

Rising Solutions takes pride in certain global Centers of Excellence (COE) which are customized to address specific needs. They are strategically classified as,

1. Stone Business Solution

2. Software Development

3. Business Process Management

4. SMB Infrastructure Consulting

Vision: "To deliver innovative technology and business solutions through fat free delivery models in adding value to customer investments and commitments

Objective: “To grow in strength by obtaining a global reach in software solutions, boutique software services and outsourcing”.

About Rising:

Our services extend to several domains:

1. Infrastructure Management Services

2. Building Automation Services

3. Web Application Services

4. System Integration Services

5. BPO Services

Your browser may not support display of this image.Corporate Profile

Why Rising?

Rising Solutions, having made a global presence through its offices in the USA, Singapore and India, have concentrated its software expertise in five major domains.

1. Stone Industry

2. Real Estate Industry

3. Entertainment

4. High-technology

5. Education

Rising Solutions adheres to recognized industry standards like those advocated by the PMI (Project Management Institute) and the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). This has aided in providing high end most effective solutions which in turn have made us an emerging leader in this industry.

Features: Some features which distinguish Rising from their counterparts will be:

* Quality - ISO Certified Processes, CMMi Level 3 Assessment
* Delivery Models - Fixed Cost, T&M, Onsite/Offsite/Offshore Delivery


* Project Management - Metrics Driven Project, Management Methodologies
* Human Resources - Continuous Capability

Development, High Retention Rate

* Technology Capabilities
* IT Infrastructure - State-of-the-Art IT, Infrastructure, Client Specific Security Implementations

BPO Services - Rising Solutions with its commitment to outsourcing provides BPO Services that addresses certain customized needs through

* Software Development
* SMB Infrastructure Consulting
* Business Process Management
* ERP System

Business Verticals - Rising Solutions covers a wide range of Business Verticals like the Stone industry, Real Estate, Media and Entertainment, Education, Telecom – Retail, Manufacturing, IT and ITES.

Corporate Profile

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Rising Solutions offers dependable IT and ITES solutions - Kubix Stone, KnTrols - Building Automation Solutions(BAS). The main objective is to answer the pain areas in the relevant industries to the point of precision and, offer integration of data at all levels. This is done with the aim to facilitate operations on a daily basis while simultaneously resulting in greater efficiency and optimum utilization of natural and human resources which helps to facilitate better decisions, better communication, and better delivery and thereby better profits. The products are most suited for large scale enterprises and small and medium size enterprises and industries

KUBIX is an IT enabled Integrated Business Management Solution (IBMS) designed to facilitate day-to-day operations in the stone and granite industry in terms of live-data integration and visibility into critical operational data. Kubix provide its patrons over their fellow competitors in the stone and granite industry, an edge to aspire and attain increased profits coupled with higher growth.

Kntrols is a next generation software for the management and overall centralized control of malleable resources like water. Kntrols answers the industry’s requirements for the control of malleable resources, offering live data integration at all levels right from your desktop. This greatly eases day-to-day operations resulting in greater efficiency and optimum utilization of water/other natural resources, power, component parts and human resources. Kntrols facilitates better analysis and decisions, improves delivery and reduces wastage.

K-Frame is an ideal custom-made software solution that will assist in media asset management for the music and entertainment industry. The current offerings allow digital downloads, online sales, various eCommerce features that enable to classify, categorize, tag and index digital content, and more at very competitive rates. K- Frame is useful for organizations and individuals who have to work with a huge number of digital and media content, and uses access to digital control from all over the world through internet. It enables them to stream and manage digital content, retrieve and keep track of all digital assets. Besides, it provides customers instant access to digital content and offers On-Demand services.

Kuick Web is the web platform solutions designed to address critical business and technology issues that have been articulated in business circles from time-to-time. The primary objective is to mitigate current customer dissatisfaction with online offerings and to do it in a manner that is consistent with industry standard platform. The composite web platform enables customers to have a host of options to choose from while enabling to keep a consistent track of the various functionalities so as to facilitate management. This software solution helps in Web Front Services, Front End Services , Back End Services , Third Party Systems, Content Management Systems, Shared Services.
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