Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dr. Mullisari Ajit Sankardas - Videos

A thought close to heart is about special education for autism and dyslexia
Learning imaginatively, the motto for the special school

Awareness is poor about the needs of children with learning disabilities

Support system should help children communicate so that they fit in the society

Pre-work rehabilitation identifies skills of children that can be relevant to businesses

How do people with learning disabilities fare at work and cope with colleagues

Teachers have to be trained to identify students with learning difficulties

Regulations and audit required for special schools to ensure the adoption of best practices

Movies can create awareness of dyslexia

My work in interventional cardiology

Reducing the recurrence rate has been a continuous challenge for stent technology

Heart valve (aortic) replacement procedure explained

How do we place the valve when the heart is pumping

Only downside of angioplasty in stenting is the slightly higher recurrence rate

What makes stents expensive is the research that goes into making them

Best way to prevent heart ailments is to stop smoking, start exercising, and learn from the mistakes of the developed countries

Is South Indian food good for the heart

Research on the effect of alcohol consumption on heart disease

Avert the detrimental effects of economic prosperity

One in four people has cardio-vascular risk

We must create walking groups and demarcate places for walking in every zone

Challenges in paediatric cardiology and surgery

Quality of training in India is good, but the problem is of uniformity

Rural training should be compulsory for doctors

Pattern of cardiac problems in rural vs urban areas

Master health checkup and its efficacy

How does it feel when working so close to life and death

Doctors have changed, and so have the patients

The 'playing God' feeling that some doctors have can be a myth

Common reaction of people to the news of heart problem

Family and relatives may be over-protective of patients

Good doctor has to be good at work, and also be a good listener

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