Friday, March 13, 2009

D.B. Saxena - Videos

Remembering my teacher

On the Independence Day, August 15, 1947, in my college

There was a greater shareholder transparency in corporate law as practised earlier

How I began my career in company law

Major turning points in company law over the last 50 years

Why managing agency system was abolished

Is the company secretary given importance in organisations

The profession of company secretaryship in the early days

Drafting of law has to be given greater attention

On Erich von Däniken's books

When you communicate something by shouting, it means the hearts are far from one another

Importance of life and medical insurance

Importance of life and medical insurance

Insurance companies adopt a negative approach towards claims and customers

Is honesty an old-fashioned value

An indicator of performance is satisfaction

Stock-market index as a macroeconomic variable

When the fear of bombardment gripped the city and evacuation happened…

Company secretaryship as a career choice

Is there a case for reducing the number of laws and removing archaic provisions

Legal and land reforms that can facilitate industrial development

Tamil Nadu Apartment Ownership law should be implemented

Technology makes legal compliance easier

Present Companies Act can continue, why bring a Bill that doesn't get passed

Prohibit large companies from forming associate companies

Common methodology in forming associate companies

Disclosure of holdings in annual report

Forty years ago Registrar of Companies monitored disclosures asked questions about annual report

On vanishing companies

Media should follow up stories, analyse balance sheets and study auditors' comments

We need to track unclaimed amounts of banks, insurance companies

Karnataka Tree Preservation Act - an environment-friendly legislation

Demat account procedure should be simplified to promote investment

Create other financial centres rather than put everything in Mumbai

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