Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bhamy V. Shenoy - Videos

What has been the contribution of IITs to India

My work as a consumer activist in Mysore, educationist, and author of a book on 'corruption in the oil sector'

Has development reached Indian villages

Villages are where the real life is, and we have to redefine success and development

How to collect qualitative information and present it

Assembling the history of village can serve a great purpose

A slice of Mangalore in Kamath's book on Banking

Involving college students in knowledge-gathering projects that can be put online

Top ills of our education systems

ASER 2008 report from Pratham speaks of a shocking finding

How are the authorities responding to Pratham's study on education

Remembering my teacher

What does it mean to 'think strategically'

A thought from a book I'm reading - 'The Big Rich'

Crude price will touch 200 dollars in 6-7 years

There are going to be shortages because national oil companies are not good at planning

Only a few national oil companies are doing well

Working on a book, 'The Tyranny of Corruption in India's Oil Sector'

Like soldiers, oilmen never retire

The model that explained Georgia's oil revenues

Coupon system to stop diversion of PDS kerosene to the black market

Corruption through diversion of LPG, electricity theft, and natural gas policies

How to prove diversion of kerosene to adulterate petrol and diesel

Vested interests can be very powerful against anyone who exposes corruption

Good work by NGOs that I learnt about as Chief Editor of 'Catalyst'

Problems with alternative sources of energy, such as wind, solar and nuclear

Pricing of natural gas should be left to market forces, rather than be decided by bureaucrats

Can India hope to see international pipelines bringing in energy

Maths package that helps teachers

Coverage of schools all over the country

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