Friday, March 20, 2009

AVR Venkatesa (AVR), and Prema Ramalingam

AVR Venkatesa (AVR), CEO, and Prema Ramalingam, COO, TexTech Internation P Ltd, Chennai (

March 20, 2009, 1 pm

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AVR Venkatesa (AVR), a seasoned professional with eighteen years of experience working in the United States and India, is the chief executive officer of TexTech. AVR spent ten years with Time Warner in the United States, designing and building large-scale information systems. He has also established and run offshore development centres for global information technology companies. AVR holds a master’s degree in information systems from Texas A&M University.

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Prema Ramalingam is TexTech’s chief operating officer. Prema has sixteen years of work experience. Most recently, she was with Integra Software Services in Pondicherry, India, a leading publishing services provider. At Integra, she managed the company’s U.S. operations and was responsible for building customer relationships. She brings a wealth of customer, business and operational knowledge to TexTech.

About TexTech:

TexTech International Private Limited (TexTech), Chennai is part of the $20 million Multivista Global Limited group also based in Chennai. TexTech is an end-to-end provider of publishing solutions focused on the creation, management, re-purposing, and distribution of content.