Friday, February 20, 2009

Arun Subramony - Videos

Green focus in the company and the global recognition it has achieved

Lessons from economic meltdown

Cost-efficiencies proactively offered to customers

Optimising people and time

Current big players vs agile players

On the Satyam story

Every disruption has levelled the playing field

Customer experience, a disruptive force in the services economy

Difficult to sustain linear growth in a services company

Our approach to non-linear growth through reuse of software solution components

Knowledge management platforms are very key in service industry

Account-based marketing strategy looks at the future competition scenario of clients

Many companies are cutting R&D, Sales teams, as panic reaction to economic crisis

Obama may bring in lot more scrutiny of outsourcing and offshoring

Blended rate will become the norm rather than on-site and offshore rates

Will India be less impacted by economic downturn than the West

What do prospective customers look for in a vendor

Corporate culture is made of hundreds of stories, which are getting increasingly published in the US

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