Saturday, December 13, 2008

A.K.G. Nair - Videos

About the company and its growth

India can pitch itself as a leader in fashion education

There is greater awareness now (Rashmi Vasu, Student Counsellor Sr Manager-Academics)

The Award of great value

A thought from a book I'm recently reading

Impact of slowdown on fashion industry

Opportunities for private enterprises in education

Bureaucracy is not competent enough to manage academia

Archaic land rules in the cities are not conducive to private education

What attracts me to fashion

There are many myths about fashion in India

Is fashion only for the rich, or for the masses too

What is the value proposition of high-priced brand labels in fashion

Materials and technologies are changing rapidly in the world of fashion

How society reacts to fashion depends upon the regimentation in the culture

Do people in the fashion industry get due credit and acknowledgement

Going beyond clothing, fashion can be holistically applied

Fashion requires high sensitivity and a very good eye for detail

Fit is a matter of understanding the body, its contours, postures, and slopes

What is the future of design education in the country

Pricing of fashion, as a commodity and brand

Media seems to focus on glamour when it comes to fashion

India's rightful place in the future will be in the creative industries

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