Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 2009 appointments

March 2009
1 - *Dr Mullasari Ajit Sankardas - 12.30 pm
2 - *Anand Sampathkumar and Praveena Anand - 1 pm; *T. K. Pandian - 5.30 pm
3 - *Phani Nagarjuna - 1 pm; Mukesh Butani - 5.30 pm (ph)
4 - *A. Suryanarayan - 12 noon; *Manish Sharma - 1 pm;
5 - *Amit Maheshwari - 4 pm
6 - *Ganesh Kumar Murugan, *Malabika Mitra - 1 pm; *P. R. Loganathan - 4 pm
7 - *Sulata Ajit, Lakshmi Krishnakumar - 1 pm
8 Sun -
9 - *Annie Jacob Verghese - 1 pm
10 - *Jayshree Suresh - 11.30 am; *Sridharan Mani - 4 pm
11 - *Sajan Poovayya - 11 am; *Pattikattar - 5 pm
12 - Krishna Kumar - 1 pm (?); *Rathish Babu - 1 pm
13 - *Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Event - 10 am; *L. Ravi Sankar, *R. Vittal Raj - 11 am; *D. B. Saxena - 1 pm; *S. Jai Kumar, and A. P. Ravi - 4 pm
14 - Odyssey Raja - 1 pm (Resch)
15 Sun - *B. Robert Raja - 1 pm, Amit ?
16 - TNM?
17 - *Ram Yeleswarapu - 1 pm
18 - Ramco (Resch); *T. Shivaraman - 1 pm
19 - VDSI - 1 pm (?); *Kala Vijayakumar - 1 pm; Penguin - 7 pm (?)
20 - *Indian School of Business - 10.30 am (Taj Cor); *AVR Venkatesa (AVR), and Prema Ramalingam- 1 pm; *N. Meera Raghavendra Rao - 4.30 pm
21 - *A. Praveen Kumar - 1 pm
22 Sun -
23 - *Ranjit Narasimhan - 1 pm
24 - *Rahul N. Saxena - 11 am; *Bhamy V. Shenoy - 1 pm
25 - *K. B. Srinivasan - 1 pm; Ranjith - 1 pm (Resch to 23)
26 - *V. Yurek Raaj 10 am; *V. Yuvaraj - 10.30 am; *Kamesh Ramamoorthy - 1 pm; *Pradeep Nevatia, *S. Gurumurthy - 7 pm
27 - *Palanivel Kuppusamy, *Pravin Shekar - 1 pm; *K. Muthu Selvam- 5 pm
28 -
29 Sun - *G. Srinivasan, *M. Ramadoss, *R. Sekar, *B. Ravi - 10 am
30 - *Bala Chakravarthy - 9 am
31 - *Narasingarao Dataram - 1 pm; *S. Ramesh - 4 pm
(* means 'met/'spoke'; $$ Awaiting confirmation)

S. Ramesh - Videos

Auditors of Satyam have been betrayed by the management

What is the law under which the auditors have been taken into custody

Is the auditor eligible for bail

Officials from the ICAI will be meeting the auditors soon

Entire audit team of about 25 people, including articled clerks, asked not to leave the city

All auditors are scared today, the profession is demoralised

Fraud committed by top management is difficult to unearth

The CA Institute should have taken up this issue, in the larger interest of the profession

What the Supreme Court has said about bail

Onus of proof is on the prosecution

What does the Auditing and Assurance Standard 4 say about the responsibility to detect fraud

Any precedent involving auditors in a criminal offence relating to companies

Bombay High Court verdict on auditor's responsibility

Auditor does not conduct the audit with the object of discovering all frauds

ICAI should educate the public on auditors' responsibilities and role

Has the attraction of the profession diminished in the eyes of students

On the mark-to-market debate and what the ICAI's stand should be

Are the existing standards on accounting and auditing enough

Narasingarao Dataram

Narasingarao Dataram, President, e4e India
March 31, 2009, 1 pm

D. V. Narasingarao - Videos

Entrepreneur's passion needs to be balanced by a contrarian who is a realist

My journey - 1 - Graduating from REC, Trichy, and deciding to stay in India, took a job in Wipro

My journey - 2 - The RDBMS story, where we wanted to do development but began with training

My journey - 3 - SSI expansion, going public, largest acquisition, listing on the London Stock Exchange, Nasdaq tie-up

My journey - 4 - Then came the downturn in 2001 which hit development and training, lessons learnt, and I decided to take a break and go back to school

My journey - 5 - Why I chose to study in Great Lakes, Chennai

Did I advise the younger generation in the campus, forget it

Engineering curriculum should have at least two semesters on core accounting, and HR

B-school admission should be after at least 5 years of work experience

My journey - 6 - What next after one year in the campus, start a company or join a start-up or retire

What is e4e - Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs, then Enterprises

Investors, acquisitions, business services verticals, rightshoring model

Why do conflicts arise and how to resolve email wars

Conflicts are typically at peer level, and what is missing in companies today is candour

What is integrity - it is just doing what I say I will, and that has to happen again and again and again

Integrity and the ability to say no are meshed with each other

Difference between the previous slowdowns and the present one

Fall in attrition rates is accompanied by fall in the intake of fresh talent

How can freshers who are on bench utilise the opportunity to learn within organisation

Today there is a greater acceptance of entrepreneurship, unlike the cynicism earlier

The promise of the domestic market for IT industry

Retrofitting a Western business model may not work in India, you need to understand the ground dynamics of the Indian consumer

Gaming is the silent revolution that is happening

Functionality testing, a major area of growth in gaming industry which can tap part-time employees

Today's business model thinks that there is better control over employees working full-time

Can work-places in smaller companies attract people who would be willing to pay to work, for the experience to know what they are good at

How SSI acted as a bridge between fresh engineers and industry

S. Ramesh

S. Ramesh, Ramesh Subramaniam & Co, Chartered Accountants, Chennai
March 31, 2009, 4 pm

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bala Chakravarthy

Bala Chakravarthy, Shell Chair Professor of Sustainable Business Growth, IMD, Switzerland (http://www.imd.ch/), and author 'Profit or growth? Why you don't have to choose' (Wharton)
March 30, 2009, 9 am

Bala Chakravarthy - Videos

Companies with a long-term vision know exactly what capabilities they are missing

Smart companies know how to position themselves

Build and leverage is the story for economies as well, but they can be busy with knee-jerk reactions

Restructuring in Europe is difficult, and the UK may need the next wave of Thatcherism

On comparisons with the Great Depression and post-war days, and the boiling-frog syndrome

Economists seem to be lost after having hit every button

Paradox is that India is difficult to enter, but once you enter you can find a lot of breathing room

There is limitless, unending corruption in Indian politics

We got rid of monarchs, but we have the newly-minted kings in the form of political leaders

Capabilities are not being brought in to address problems, both in the political and industrial spheres

Three-way collaboration between academia, bureaucrats and politicians, and industrialists

What are the ingredients of a top business school

If the research tradition is strong in Indian business schools, media will benefit from academia's opinion

On the quality of research in management

Academia's involvement with corporates can be in many forms, including directorships

Remembering my teacher…

One most valuable work lesson is that you need to be loyal to your organisation

Loyalty is about aligning with a cause, it is not about the length of employment

A story about customer focus - in a Brazilian airline

What's good about the young, and what's worrying

Self-renewal is the indicator of performance, at the individual and organisational levels, as an indicator of adaptability

Essence of Indian philosophy is to continuously seek wisdom

You can be spiritual without being religious, and that applies to organisations too

My next book will be on leadership dilemmas

Author reading the book - a snatch

Does 'Slumdog Millionaire' have lessons for Indian enterprises

Sunday, March 29, 2009

B. Ravi - Videos

Will the Companies Bill ever see the light of the day

The present indefiniteness in corporate law creates confusion all round

What should CA final students focus on, in the forthcoming exam on company law

We should have a re-look at the total number of laws included in the CA syllabus

Satyam episode has created fear in the minds of CA students

In situations such as Satyam, the action of regulators should be quick and transparent, with a definite result

Corporate governance is practised as a matter of compliance, so independent directors are often indifferent

Both the capital markets regulator and corporate law administrator should see eye to eye and act in harmony

What happens when the two regulators work in different directions

Investor awareness is needed, rather than investor protection

Section 5 of the Companies Act on 'officer in default' should be broadened to include CA and company secretary in charge of compliance

Disclosures of companies should be more meaningful for the end user

R. Sekar

R. Sekar
March 29, 2009, 10 am (At ICAI-Committee on Insurance and Pension Seminar)

M. Ramadoss

M. Ramadoss, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, The Oriental Insurance Co Ltd, New Delhi (www.orientalinsurance.nic.in)
March 29, 2009, 10 am (At ICAI-Committee on Insurance and Pension Seminar)

G. Srinivasan - Videos

Programme on insurance a rarity in Chennai

Overview of the economic meltdown

The line between liquidity and insolvency is very thin

Recession setting in across the world, thus putting the clock back

FII outflows causing many problems in India, such as erosion of stock market valuation

Risk management assumes greater importance now

Insurance is an effective way of transferring risk

Many companies do not pay due attention to insurance

Legal liability emerging as a major issue in companies

Innovative products from insurance companies

Corporate governance much talked about but very little practised

How is the year going to end for the company

M. Ramadoss - Videos

Opening remarks…

Lot of opportunities for chartered accountants in insurance

Insurance industry's balance sheet is highly subjective, necessitating professional skills

Different types of audit, including systems audit

How chartered accountants can assist in deciding the product mix of insurance offerings

Millions of third party claims are pending, and insurance companies are willing to settle these out of court

Risk management regarding piracy activity around Somalia

Risk evaluation - example - Insurance policy vs maintenance contract

Chartered accountants can highlight risk breaches

Most of the insurance companies in India are not listed and therefore disclosure of segment financials is lacking

Reduction in profit due to investments is Rs 150 crore, and premium rates are also falling…

Saturday, March 28, 2009

V. Yurek Raaj - Videos

How was MBA compared to CA

What changes I would've made to my approach to CA in case I'd done MBA earlier

Is there something that ICAI can do to make CA course a little more valuable

Can the best practices of B-school be brought to college and school campuses

How was it to watch from the B-school campus an economy going into a downturn

Private equity job placement and the prospects for PE industry

Which of the sectors show a promising growth in India

Choice of entrepreneurship and joining start-ups

V. Yuvaraj - Videos

Company auditor appointment should be made by the ICAI or the Government

What can be the criteria for independent appointment of auditors for four years

Does the society expect too much from company auditors

The ICAI has let down the chartered accountants

Statutory auditor should consider the work of the internal auditor

Should an independent committee take stock of the prevailing nexus between auditors and company managements

Friday, March 27, 2009

K. Muthu Selvam

K. Muthu Selvam, Advocate, Chennai
March 27, 2009, 5 pm

K. Muthu Selvam - Videos

What is a trade mark

Does trade mark cover both goods and services

Procedure for registering a trade mark

Are there stipulations on what cannot be a trade mark

Can there be protection for the trade mark of events and shows

Skills required of trade mark examiner

Is it possible for an Indian businessman to register his trade mark in other countries

How do businesses fight against trade mark infringements

Palanivel Kuppusamy

Palanivel Kuppusamy, Founder and MD, Dexterity, Chennai (www.dexterity.in)
March 27, 2009, 1 pm

Pravin Shekar - Videos

My presentation, next week in China, will be on consumer insights in India

Thoughts on national database

Types of respondents in qualitative research, and research consumerism

Why is statistics generally abhorred in classrooms

Myth surrounding statisticians

Much like the musk deer, organisations don’t realise the information that lies within

Zoom in and zoom out, and be detached and independent, when conducting research

Right market research has to pass many tests and standards of approval

Analytics using college students for a contemporary need - Netrodaya case

Palanivel Kuppusamy - Videos

What went into the design of the logo of Dexterity

Marketing analytics industry is seeing an equivalent of Y2K as a result of economic meltdown

Our adaptive analytics engine can do more with your existing data

What we do for big firms and the enterprise customers

Do we initiate our own research without a trigger from our customers

A Toyota example - of how analytics plays a role in spite of hunches

Churn management for a telecom company, research and analytics for a consulting firm - success stories of accelerating value

Marketing research spend benchmarked to advertising spend - how India fares

Large volume of data with Government statistics office, banks - the Brazil example

Reduce cost of data acquisition and do more with the data collected - two imperatives during the current slump

Customers are questioning the value that vendors offer, and vendors are becoming more open in communication

Norms that govern Web analytics

Market research in the public sector - immense opportunity in India

Companies realise that 20 to 30 per cent of findings are newer and obtained through research and analytics

Statistical tools attract attention when they are applied well

Market for leather belts in India - an example of a wrong way to go about research

How are we looking at possible acquisitions

On media analytics

Pay-as-you-go analytics for SMEs

Thursday, March 26, 2009

S. Gurumurthy - Videos

For 1600 years India was leading the world as an economic power

A comparison of two economies, the US and Japan

How the US promoted feverish spending by consumers financed by cheap credit

In India and Germany, families are not exposed to stock market, unlike as in the US

It is only countries with a safe savings model that can tide over the current economic crisis

Japan's move away from the Western orbit, and coming closer to India

Any country following the Euro-centric model of development will become the victim of Asian economic development

Only original minds can innovate, not carbon copies

Will the Government's policies to arrest economic slowdown yield results

US will need a huge moral resurgence, where the new political leadership may not help much

A failed society will always accept a successful society's model

The financial media has to develop an independent mind

We don't know how much LIC, GIC, and company promoters have lost due to stock market crash

What we now see is not 'correction' but 'destruction'

Indian finance sector except the stock market is largely unaffected by the global meltdown

Maldistribution of resources will be reduced

Audit profession has ceased to be centred on ethics, and it is driven by turnover

You can't have strong institutions unless you have strong opinion-making

Families are by and large holding on, else our economy would have collapsed

Crime should be controlled by society, and punished by law

Contentment and humility - the two principles underlying our society

Education system is divorced from the social and normative standards of our country

What is keeping us from being independent

Has the real Gurumurthy been decoded and understood

Pradeep Nevatia

Pradeep Nevatia, Managing Director, Ripcord Consulting Guild, Chennai (www.rcg.org.in), March 26, 2009, 7 pm

Pradeep Nevatia - Videos

What is RCG - Ripcord Consulting Guild

Part-time CEO assignment of RCG helped an electrical accessories company in Mumbai to turn around after 12 years

Legal services, education and medical practice will contribute to growth in IT services business

Managing big conglomerates is becoming difficult so decentralisation will be essential even when consolidation happens

Much of a corporate's problems will be solved if the full-time CEOs start working only part-time

Top problem of companies is the lack of courage in conviction

Greed-speed phenomenon plaguing our leadership and entire generation

Lot of work has been done towards system adequacy, but system adherence has been left unattended

Kamesh Ramamoorthy

Kamesh Ramamoorthy, COO, Ramco Systems, Chennai (www.ramco.com)
March 26, 2009, 1 pm

Kamesh Ramamoorthy - Videos

Why did we change our logo

We haven't been hearing about Ramco Systems for a long time…

Reduction of aviation maintenance cost through our software

Remembering my teacher, the company founder

Many point-solution companies have vanished over time, so it is necessary to think big

On being a software company promoted by an old economy enterprise

Strengths of IT product company as compared to services

Changes that IT services companies have to face

Challenge of attracting talent

Rather than numbers, we are looking at productivity of people

Business analyst skills that are required

We are hiring people with industry experience

What's good about the young, and what's worrying

Our UI (user interface) designs have to improve

One most valuable work lesson is that we must listen to customers

You learn from everybody

Tips for innovation from a book I recently read

We worked closely with CK Prahalad and MS Krishnan

Success story - an implementation for a bank

Project management software for DLF, flexible solution for TVS Logistics

How to handle anger - rationalise quickly

Knowledge management work in the company

KMO - knowledge management officer

All our software is mobile-enabled so the CFO can get the latest cash-flow on his handset dashboard

S. Muralidhar - Videos

Nano will provide a safer ride than auto-rickshaw though fuel-efficiency can see a drop

Recent driving experience - Audi

Do women make the decisions of car buying

Automobile usage on roads demands greater awareness of safety and also better enforcement of regulations

Is the automobile industry in reverse gear

V. Yuvaraj

V. Yuvaraj, Chartered Accountant, Chennai

March 26, 2009, 10.30 am
YouTube: V. Yuvaraj

V. Yurek Raaj

V. Yurek Raaj, IIM-B 2009, Chennai

March 26, 2009, 10 am

YouTube: V. Yurek Raaj

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sneha Krishnan

Sneha Krishnan, Volunteer, Engineers for Social Impact (www.e4si.org), and Founder, Sa webzine (www.savadati.com)

March 25, 2009, 5 pm

K. B. Srinivasan

"Over the next about a year, we will be working at mainstreaming our product, the e-scooter, by focusing on improved technology and greater customer acceptance through effective after-sales service. We believe that the trends in the automotive sector clearly point towards more eco-friendly methods of commuting and travel."
K. B. Srinivasan, Vice President, BSA Motors, Chennai
March 25, 2009, 1 pm

K. B. Srinivasan - Videos

Six key trends in the automotive industry, of which electric vehicles are the most successful

Capacity build-up happening in the alternative energy space, realising that the future is not gasoline-based

What can be the point of inflection for electric vehicles

We need a light battery that is safe, can store a lot of energy very quickly, and doesn't drain off

Top 20 cities in China have banned the use of IC-engine two-wheelers, which explains why China is successful in electric two-wheelers

Lot of research work on electric vehicles in Europe, US, Taiwan, China

Nano will change the way even two-wheeler manufacturers will think in future

Slowdown is a great opportunity to do a gradual ramp-up of our products

Remembering my teacher…

Shared vision keeps a team going

Leading others starts with leading oneself - a thought from a book

Reaching out can establish the contours of conflict, rather than continue with assumptions and imaginations

We would like to design a referral programme once we reach a critical mass of customers

Test rides, in colleges, are an effective way to promote our electric scooters

Two-wheeler loans at the right terms and also subsidy can help in increasing sales

Local content of e-scooters will go from the present 15 per cent to 25 per cent, in the next 3 months

A comparison between a manufacturing and a service company

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bhamy V. Shenoy

"What has been the contribution of IITs to India's development? This has been a question in my mind ever since I returned to India, in 1987. We seem to be contributing a lot to the outside world, and not so much to the country. Just imagine what would be the situation if most of the IITians were to stay back in the country and contribute to its development..."
Bhamy V. Shenoy
March 24, 2009, 1 pm

Rahul N. Saxena - Videos

India is best positioned to weather the global economic crisis

We are quick to learn, and now we should be quick to implement, too

We are a black-and-white society, lacking in subtleties

By the nature of capitalism, it has to bottom out

Mobile phone texting can be a powerful social instrument

Our communication has moved from speech to speechless, through email and texting

On the feasibility of multi-lingual calls, so that you can talk in Hindi and I can hear in Tamil

Distance learning through mobile telephony, and soccer goal video clips from TV to mobile phones

Verizon's work and the India operations

We are not in the retail space

CDMA and GSM will converge in the fourth generation

On Vodafone's India entry and the overnight switch

Role of the backbone structure for businesses

Cables are designed to last for a long time

A thought in Italian

Importance of telecommunication (in Hindi)

Citizens' feedback to the Government through mobile phones

Bhamy V. Shenoy - Videos

What has been the contribution of IITs to India

My work as a consumer activist in Mysore, educationist, and author of a book on 'corruption in the oil sector'

Has development reached Indian villages

Villages are where the real life is, and we have to redefine success and development

How to collect qualitative information and present it

Assembling the history of village can serve a great purpose

A slice of Mangalore in Kamath's book on Banking

Involving college students in knowledge-gathering projects that can be put online

Top ills of our education systems

ASER 2008 report from Pratham speaks of a shocking finding

How are the authorities responding to Pratham's study on education

Remembering my teacher

What does it mean to 'think strategically'

A thought from a book I'm reading - 'The Big Rich'

Crude price will touch 200 dollars in 6-7 years

There are going to be shortages because national oil companies are not good at planning

Only a few national oil companies are doing well

Working on a book, 'The Tyranny of Corruption in India's Oil Sector'

Like soldiers, oilmen never retire

The model that explained Georgia's oil revenues

Coupon system to stop diversion of PDS kerosene to the black market

Corruption through diversion of LPG, electricity theft, and natural gas policies

How to prove diversion of kerosene to adulterate petrol and diesel

Vested interests can be very powerful against anyone who exposes corruption

Good work by NGOs that I learnt about as Chief Editor of 'Catalyst'

Problems with alternative sources of energy, such as wind, solar and nuclear

Pricing of natural gas should be left to market forces, rather than be decided by bureaucrats

Can India hope to see international pipelines bringing in energy

Maths package that helps teachers

Coverage of schools all over the country

Rahul N. Saxena

"India is best positioned to weather the global downturn, because of two reasons: one, we have a strong internal demand, and two, we enjoy an unbeatable competitive advantage in offering worldclass talent when it comes to external demand."
Rahul N. Saxena, Managing Director, Verizon Data Services India
March 24, 2009, 11 am

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ranjit Narasimhan

Ranjit Narasimhan, President & CEO, HCL BPO, Chennai

March 23, 2009, 1 pm