Friday, February 20, 2009


YO! 'Realize Yourself' launch
February 21, 9 am (Hotel Savera)

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Murali said...


Though age is no bar to Realize Onself__from Swami Vivekananda to Alfred Nobel, it happened at different times to different
people and will continue to be so__YO! will be particularly useful for those between 15+ and 30+:
Class X and XII students who are not sure of which career path to choose
Young undergrads and grads who are unclear on what they want to be/do
Specially talented folks with diverse, niche interests like 'fire engineering' to 'jewellery design' to 'politics' to 'classical music
or art' but have commitments that drag them back into the monotonous options of mainstream careers
Housewives/spouses who are educated but are biding time at home watching soaps and/or feeling vegetated
Young professionals in the 27~32 age group who find that suddenly their careers are less interesting or challenging
Well-earning professionals who want to change something about their chosen line, their personal lives or are just vexed with
the 'system'

YO! Realize Yourself is a Program owned by Shekarsan, a company specializing in invoking
transformational change within individuals and organizations.
All payments are to be made by Demand Draft favoring Shekarsan
Additional information can be requested from
R Shekar BE (Hons) PGDM (IIMB)
Shekar is a business re-engineering and organizational transformation specialist. He
has held key positions of Country Director reporting to the CEOs of Modi Xerox,GE
Capital, Citibank N.A., and Polaris Software for over 20 years. R Shekar is a qualified
TQM and Six Sigma professional (Xerox, GE Capital, USA), is an intermediate level
graduate on CMMi (Carnegie Mellon USA) and is proficient in the fundamentals of
Theory of Constraints (Goldratt Institute,USA). Shekar, in his sessions, awakens
people to their birthright__which is, to be extra-ordinary. He is the founder of
Shekarsan, a consulting boutique, based in Chennai, India.
AVIS is an avid observer of and learner from life. He graduated, by his own confession, only
to save his parents embarrassment. He is an evangelist of the human spirit, a performance
enhancement coach and reputation consultant. He believes that if you have integrity of
purpose, all else will follow. In 2006, AVIS was rated among India’s Top 10 Motivational
Speakers by The Week magazine.
Contact Information:
3A, Prasantham
141, St. Mary's Road, Alwarpet
Chennai 600 018