Wednesday, February 4, 2009

C. P. Viswanath

"I believe that every story has been told, but the best way of telling it is yet in the future. We are soon coming with a whole range of products from Karadi's cave, including an offering for the TV."
C. P. Viswanath, Director, Karadi Tales (
February 4, 1 pm

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Murali said...

Vishwanath Parsuram, Director of Karadi Tales has introduced audio-book in 1996 after returning from United States .He changed the concept of audio-book in straight narrative form by introducing appealing dialogues, realistic jungle sounds and colorful books with typical Indian flavor marking a new genre in child entertainment and learning.

He grew up in a small village in Chembur a suburb in Mumbai with full atmosphere of music. He listened to all kinds of music-carnatic, Hindustani and Western. Stenographer, by profession his father spent his salary on providing musical education for his children. Because of his dedication and determination Vishwanth learned to play mridangam. After completing the education he and his brother formed a group and launched an album, Saavariya, in 1999. This group recently composed music for the childrens film, Jjantaram Mmantaram, and is doing the music for another children’s film.
Back ground - Karadi Tales:

Karadi Tales Company Pvt Ltd is a leading producer of high-quality audio books for children of all ages. Karadi Tales was born from the inherent need in India for high quality children books eliciting and bringing alive the deep and lively traditions of India. A young group of educationists and musicians joined together to recreate the joy of Indian stories for children through the medium of talking books. With captivating narratives – narrated by some of the most renowned names in Indian cinema and theatre, soulful music by the famed ‘three brothers and violin group’, bringing alive the Indian ethos and culture are the hallmarks of the audio-books.

Providing edutainment to children through quality products and making them aware of India’s rich cultural heritage being the primary goals, Karadi Tales added music, natural sounds and songs to add zest to the whole book. This kind of audio book and tape series for children and adults helps greatly in developing reading, listening and language skills in children

In these times of excessive television, westernization and stressful education, Karadi has come to symbolize the antithesis of these trends by creating space for Indian culture in the minds of children, by providing meaningful entertainment alternatives for the children as well as adults and by bringing fun into the development of early learning skills.

Till now Karadi Tales had released audio-books in more than 45 different titles bringing alive the Indian Heritage, mythology and a new genre of Indian rhymes for Indian children. Karadi Tales also produces talking books for young adults as well through their Charkha Books. After its success in home territory, it crossed Indian borders and entered overseas market. Over 400 schools across the US incorporated Karadi Tales as part of their curricular activities.

Many celebrated artists like Naseeruddin Shah, Gulzar, Usha Uthup, Nandita Das, Saeed Jaffrey, Girish Karnad, Nassar, Vairamuthu, Tom Alter, Boman Irani have lent their voice to the audio-books.

Karadi Tales caters to different segments as following

* Karadi Tales: These audio and video books are narrated by well-known film and theater personalities, which include titles in different area like Heritage, Junior, Mythology and Rhymes. The Heritage pack brings the best-loved stories from the Indian tradition like The crows and the Serpent, The Foolish Lion, The Monkey and the Crocodile. Junior

is a bilingual, English-Tamil and English Hindi, audio-book which features Indian fables and folktale in a mixture of prose, rhyme and song. These stories have concept of numbers, colors, shapes, opposites etc. Mythology dwells on the wonderful tales from grand epics and the puranas of India which attracted children and adults. Rhymes comprises of Indian rhymes for Indian kids, these rhymes are about mangoes not daffodils.

* Charkha Audio-books: These collections include the best-selling autobiographies of Mahatma Gandhi, A P J Abdul Kalam and other titles. The abridged audio books are textured with songs and background music.
* Dreaming Fingers: It is a tactile picture book. This latest product from Karadi Tales has text in print and Braille, also has pictures with various shapes and textures that can be felt. It is meant for the visually impaired but can be enjoyed by all children.
* Karadi Path: A unique, creative pedagogy for language learning in the classroom through a combination of stories, music and kinesthetics

Karadi Tales has always sought to bring international standards in creative and production values in the presentation of Indian content. The products have won substantial international acclaim and several prestigious awards including Dr. Toy Award (awarded by Institute of Childhood Resources, USA), NAPPA Awards (National Association of Parenting Publications, USA), White Ravens Selection (Jugendbibliothek, Germany) and IBBY Award (International Board on Books for Young People, Switzerland).

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