Monday, February 23, 2009

R. Sarabeswar

"Slowdown helps industries to spend time in honing their talent."
R. Sarabeswar, Chairman & CEO, Consolidated Construction Consortium Limited (CCCL)
February 23, 1.45 pm

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Mr.Sarabeswar began his career with ECC, the construction group of L & T. During his tenure at ECC he handled many projects, notable among which are housing complexes and specialized construction works and he also underwent training in many aspects of modern civil construction such as Modern Construction Aid, Design of Form work and Erection schemes.

Mr. Sarabeswar later served as Construction Superintendent with Shobakshi Group in Saudi Arabia, where he was associated with US Corps of Engineers, particularly in the Site Supervision of Dhahran Air Base Project which was closely monitored by PERT/CPM Technique (Project Evaluation Review Technique/Critical Path Method).

Back in India, he assumed charge of the Civil Wing of SMO, a division of the SPIC Group. For SPIC, he managed several major turnkey projects for leading names like ONGC and later moved to Brunei where later handled many projects, right from development to completion.

Mr. Sarabeswar (54) graduated from Regional Engineering College, Trichy in the year 1976 as a top rank holder and he also holds a Management Degree in Strategy from University of London. He promoted Consolidated Construction Consortium Limited in the year 1997 and over the years, he has been the Chairman & CEO of the company ably administering the company and its subsidiaries. CCCL has clocked a turnover of over Rs.14 billion in the year 2007-08 and is all set a milestone in the year 2008-09.

Mr. Sarabeswar due to his vast experience in all aspects of Civil Construction has developed a keen awareness to foster new ideas and attitudes in modern development in all kinds of Civil Engineering projects. He is able to read an environment and orient his construction skills to suit local conditions, requisite specifications and quality standards within budges limitations.
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