Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pavan Bakeri - Videos

Long-term real-estate players look for steady growth

Current meltdown vs previous crises

RBI's conservative policies have helped us

Logic of Alan Greenspan, who threw caution to the winds

Remembering my professor…

A constant temptation in the industry is to be dishonest

What has sustained us over the last 50 years

On green measures and construction quality

A Rs 3-lakh flat in Chennai within 7 km from city is possible

The 'Rs 1 lakh flat' scheme failed due to lack of financial support for buyers

NGO intermediation can bring in people who have no documented income

Export incentive model for promoting affordable housing

Configuration of the Rs 1 lakh (315 sq feet) flat

Dietary tips for fitness

Observations about the young generation

Scope for innovation in the industry

Mahila Masons, an initiative to empower women

Construction industry will continue to be labour-intensive

Positives of Ahmedabad

A short clip in Gujarati…

Plans for the future

What keeps me going is the lure of the new

Traditional construction practices that are of value

MIT education trains one to think

Gujaratis love taking risks but continue to be conservative

Gujarat Government machinery and labour adopt a businesslike approach

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