Wednesday, February 4, 2009

C.P. Viswanath - Videos

Alternatives to the loudest noises

Karadi tales on the stock market

Bear missing in ancient Indian tales

Karadi is the alter ego of grandfather

We are getting into television and other media

Ratio of English and Tamil title sales

What is the right approach to language learning

Karadi path in schools for English learning

Karadi channel not in the immediate future

Video-on-demand soon

Radio's potential for education

What makes for a good storytelling experience

Are we looking at contemporary material

Karadi path English teaching for adults

Language learning can never be linear

The 'Will you read with me' initiative

The singer dimension…

What has changed, and what has not, post-deal

On creative energy in the company

We enjoy listening to the same story again and again

Objectives of storytelling

Workshop for storytelling

Violence is part of the story

Gaming plans, Karadi experience centre etc.

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